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Why Is Speed So Important?

Speed is a crucial factor in the overall performance of a website. Like people, search engines also dislike websites with low speed. Also, if your website has a lot of traffic, you should consider improving your website’s speed to retain your readers or clients. Speed performance issues can increase your website’s bounce rate, which is not good for your site’s SEO scores.

Most of the site developers do not address SEO related concerns since that is a different job role and requires expertise in that area. For instance, unwanted elements like unused java scripts and CSS might be affecting your site’s speed. If yours is a WordPress site and it has used several plugins, this will surely subside the speed of your site. If you could customize certain elements of it, you can reduce the number of plugins and increase the speed of your site.

Don’t worry, we will help you increase your site’s speed, after investigating all such issues. We recommend you host your website on our servers for faster performance and good customer experience.

How It Works



First, we will analyze your website and detect the issues and bugs contributing to its poor performance. Then, we plan how can we fix those matters. We will recommend you things you can do, for instance, a host change or else, to get better results.



Secondly, we will implement the planned actions to increase your site’s performance. This may include caching, image optimizing, Cloudflare integration, SSL activation, AMP setup, Unused CSS/Javascript removal, and many more.



After taking necessary actions, we will test your website’s speed and check whether it has attained the intended levels of speed and performance. We guarantee you a score of 60% or above in Google ‘Page Speed Insight.’



At last, we will provide you with a report of the speed changes your site acquired. We will also give you some tips as well on how to save your site from speed related issues in the future.


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