Want to Earn from Blog?

Do you know that you can earn money from your blog? We will help you make your site eligible for monetization

How It Works



We will first check your website for any possible policy violations. If we find that your site has any major or minor policy violation, we will help you fix it. We will do the needful to get Adsense approval. It’s a MONEY BACK Guarantee!



Next, we will submit your website to Google Adsense for approval. We recommend you do not update anything on your site during this term. If anything happens inappropriately, you will have to submit your site for a second time.



This can take two days to two weeks time for Adsense to respond. If everything is fine with your site, your site may be approved even within 24 hours. Yes, that’s our experience. In case, your application was rejected, we will check what’s wrong with it and submit the site again.


Ad Placement

After approval, we will place Google Ads in your site. We will also teach our clients on how to place ads so that they can put it wherever they want.

Do you already have a site that was rejected by Adsense? Don’t worry, we will make it eligible.


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